THINPAD was born two years ago with a sheer passion for technology, with the courage to seek truth & oust challenges and to appease the fervor to explore, unravel new & novel technology focusing mainly on healthcare domain. 

SESCO is a privately-held Corporation, a startup and in its infancy stage of being established is generating significant revenues, in the last year (2007) our revenues before Tax was $1.389 million and is controlled by its founder and president (Ravi Kashyap).

Ravi funded the project to his in-house team dedicated to research in cutting edge technology who conceived an idea for a new medical device called a "THINPAD" It is a revolutionary new Mobile Clinical Platform [MCP]; a highly portable computing device specifically designed to meet the needs of clinicians giving them instant and secure access to patient information with seamlessly integrated documentation tools at the point of care.

SESCO take pride in their expertise in the healthcare domains and are dedicated in providing first class products. We dare to explore new opportunities to find new ways to solve technology challenges faced in the healthcare domain and intend to provide a highly innovative technology device in the hands of care givers making technological difference with bright ideas at very low cost using open source technologies judiciously and effectively. The technology potential not only contributes to the robustness of the product but also reduce the cost to such low levels that even the THIRD world countries could easily afford it.

Broad features of THINPAD: 

- ThinPad equips the clinicians with tools that are much needed to reduce the stress of monitoring/storing/managing patient data (EMR/HIS).

- The Design was based on inputs from providers, nurses and other clinical staff to suit their work flow to increase productivity and quality care.

- ThinPad will be integrated with mission critical data capturing technologies like speech2text - reducing transcription work significantly.

- ThinPad provides State-of-the-art capabilities viz., Digital camera to capture images and videos at the point of care, RFID, Biometric device, Bluetooth and supported with secure wireless capabilities to connect to hospital/clinic IT network on the move, which we simply call “MOBILE NURSING.”

- Mobile Nursing would enhance the treatment of patients enormously, thus increasing the efficiency and accuracy of treatment and record keeping by the healthcare professionals.


In order to fulfill and make this a grand success we need an initial capital of $550000, including infrastructure set-up costs.  Ravi has invested $15,000 in the MCP project. 

Start-up costs towards establishing a state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure in Bangalore, India and contract manufacturer in Taiwan:              

35% $192,500 

Patenting the technology:                        

10% $55,000

Sales & Promotion:              

25% $137,500

Caution fund and other miscellaneous expenses:    

5%       $27,500

Establish a fully functioning partnership for a long term OEM’s and manufacturer’s Contracts:                   

25% $137,500

It has been forecasted that MCP market to exceed $1.2 billion in 2010. SESCO intends to license this technology to a larger company. SESCO expects to become mature in year three and aims to capture 10% of the market within 2010. The company is potentially profitable in a year.

Contact Information


Ravi Kashyap –

Sesco Information Systems Limited – London, United Kingdom - +44-0208-090-0593